New Testament World Colloquium

Northern Seminary’s New Testament World Colloquium (NTWC) offers an opportunity for students to hear presentations from leading scholars of New Testament and early Christianity in a virtual “seminar room.” In line with the purposes of Northern’s Masters in New Testament and Doctoral programs in New Testament Context, the NTWC emphasizes the importance of reading the Bible in its own historical, social, and cultural world.

Dr. Nijay K. Gupta, professor of New Testament, directs the NTWC; Northern student, Cody Matchett, serves as assistant director.

This event is for students and alumni of Northern’s Masters and Doctoral programs in New Testament only. To register, email Professor Gupta at


Oct 21, 2020: Jonathan T. Pennington, Southern Seminary

Dec 2, 2020: Joshua Jipp, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Jan 20, 2021: Helen Bond, University of Edinburgh

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