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San Antonio Baptismal

President's October Newsletter

Posted: October 23, 2019

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Church Renewal and Planting Resident Welcomed & Supported

Posted: November 5, 2019

Northern Seminary’s Church Renewal and Planting Residency program is designed to immerse seminarians into a church leadership practicum while supporting the local and regional church…

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President's October Newsletter

Posted: October 23, 2019

Dear Northern Friends, Seminary education grows the church. In San Antonio, Texas, five students who are also pastors and residents at The Park Community Church…

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Northern Seminary Enrollment Grows 15%

Posted: October 15, 2019

After graduating 24 students this Spring, Northern Seminary had another banner year in recruitment. Overall enrollment increased 15%, and new students rose 18% this year.…

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President's September Newsletter

Posted: September 25, 2019

Dear Northern Friends, Our seminary brings pastors, graduate students, and church leaders together across denominational and congregational lines to learn, grow, and spread the gospel.…

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Generation Z Testifies To God's Work in Their Lives

Posted: October 28, 2019

The hymn, Amazing Grace, offers us the perfect outline for a powerful conversion story with the words, “Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound That saved…

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Attorney Becomes Pastor, Author and Seminarian

Posted: October 21, 2019

Kellye Fabian became a Christian through the ministry of Willow Creek Community Church in 2008. At that time, she was a partner in a Chicago…

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In San Antonio As In Heaven

Posted: October 14, 2019

Five leaders from The Park Community Church gather for a Northern Seminary class on a Monday evening in San Antonio, Texas. Appropriately, they meet in…

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Constitution Day, September 17th

Posted: September 17, 2019

Happy Constitution Day! This little celebrated holiday commemorates September 17, 1787 when delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the…

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