3DM Huddle Workshop to Take Place at Northern

Earlier this month, Northern announced its partnership with 3DM, an organization that works alongside churches and church plants to help build discipleship into the church culture through coaching and learning communities. By participating in the “scholar track”, students are able to receive seminary credit for MDiv, MACM, and Dmin programs, by completing four learning community immersion experiences over the period of a two-year time, along with Northern coursework and reading. The first two huddles for these programs will be in Cincinnati, Ohio April 16-19  and Ft. Wayne, ID October 1-4.

For those interested in finding out what a “huddle” is, or what discipleship leadership development looks like, 3DM will be leading a workshop at Northern Seminary on March 12, 2012 to explore:

-How huddles function

-Practical sessions for ministry contexts

-In-depth teaching on the discipling language of LifeShapes and how it is used in a Huddle

-A chance to step into a continued coaching relationship for those wanting to continue learning how to use huddles within their ministry contexts.


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