4 Ways Urban Leadership Training equips you for ministry

June 30, 2020

By Dr. Gerald M Dew,
Director of the Southside Center for Urban Leadership
Affiliate Professor of Ministry and Leadership

Created ​by​ experienced urban ministry leaders ​forraising up the next generation of urban leaders, Northern Seminary’s Master of Arts in Urban Leadership will train you to ​lead your church and engage your city.

We know you face real challenges. We’ve been there too. That’s why we’ve built our program to equip you to not only minister effectively in areas of ​preaching​,​ discipling​, and ​teaching​, but to also address key areas of need unique to your urban context.

Discover how our program trains you to lead.

As part of our program, you’ll also be equipped to:

1. Raise Up Competent Leaders​.The union of zeal with knowledge is a beautiful thing in key areas of leadership. Learn how to bring your key leaders the training they need.

2. Solve Financial Constraints​.Spiritual ministry requires physical preparation. And physical preparation costs money. Learn how to address these challenges by developing support streams as well as entrepreneurial non-traditional income.

3. Address Facility Needs​.All too often space is the determining factor of what ministry programs can be offered. Learn about creative ways to find and/or create spaces that work for your ministry.

4. Deploy Spiritual Gifts.​Often, church members have little awareness of their spiritual gifts. Learn how to strengthen your local body by helping others discover, develop, and use their gifts in ministry and missions.

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