A Heart for Leadership Training

Earlier this month, The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, along with the Illinois Missionary Baptist Convention held Motivate 2012, a workshop designed for training ministers. Northern sat down with Antioch Missionary Baptist pastor and Northern Dmin student Gerald Dew, to discuss his motivation behind Motivate.


Northern Seminary: You organized and facilitated a workshop aimed at training church leaders and helping ministers to sharpen their skills. Why is this important in ministry?

Pastor Dew: The demands of the church, the challenges of ministry, and the needs of the communities that we serve at times tempt us to do and be more than we have the skills, callings, or gifts to handle. The concept of wearing many hats, multi-tasking, or even being a “jack of all trades” has is some ways hindered the churches and ministries that we lead by crippling their members. One of the primary objectives of pastoral leadership is to equip others for the work of the ministry. The goals of these sessions were to help acknowledge our limitations and identify our skills as leaders, and then sharpen them to improve ministry effectiveness.

Northern Seminary: You titled one of your workshops,  “Your Pastor’s Heart”. What is your passion behind speaking on this?

Pastor Dew: I have about 14 associates in my congregation in Antioch. In Acts: 20, Paul reminded the elders from Ephesus that they know his manner, mind, tears, trials, and teaching. It is equally important that the ministers that serve alongside me know my manner, mind, tears, trials, and teaching. In fact, every minister should know their pastor’s heart.

Northern Seminary: As a new generation of ministers emerge, what are the implications for the church as they become leaders, and how do you find yourself communicating with them?

Pastor Dew: The greatest implication for the church upon the arrival/emergence of new leaders is change. It may be sudden and drastic, or it may be slow and gradual. Whatever the case, the church will need to experience change. I find myself communicating with leaders in ways that challenge their beliefs and values.

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