A New Kind of Preacher

Do you want to be a New Kind of Preacher? Northern Seminary is asking this question as they launch a new preaching program for Chicagoland pastors. Northern’s “New Kind of Preacher” (NKP) program is an initiative inspired by renowned homiletician, Dr. Michael Quicke. Dr. Quicke has long sensed a need to strengthen the quality of preaching, and thanks to the generous support of the Lilly Endowment, Northern will launch its new program in Fall 2015.

The NKP program will offer bi-vocational pastors the opportunity to develop their gift of preaching in a peer learning group. Northern Seminary has seen a growing need for pastors to have continuous peer learning opportunities beyond their ministry experience or traditional seminary education. Built in response to this need, the New Kind of Preacher program will launch peer-learning groups and enrich existing preaching courses. The NKP program will challenge assumptions that undergird current practices in preaching with the goal of helping program participants develop a unique preaching voice and emerge as a new kind of preacher. “This initiative is more about the person of the preacher than it is about right sermon design and delivery” says Quicke. The program will be led by Ms. Lauren Anders Visser, a Northern Alum and Doctor of Ministry student.





Designed to be accessible, the cost of the two-year, NKP certificate program is only $2,000, and groups will meet in locations throughout Chicagoland, dependent upon the needs of the group.

Preaching at Northern

Northern Seminary is also using this time to revamp their current preaching courses. Dr. Quicke and Ms. Visser will work together to assess the effectiveness of the homiletic instruction at Northern Seminary and design a new preaching course for current seminarians.

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