Announcing the New MATM!

We are no longer in the “Kansas” of pastoral ministry where one can expect a full-time pastorate at the end of the yellow-brick road of seminary training. Indeed, the very opportunity to attend seminary is now a luxury for many.

And as full-time pastors become a thing of the past, more and more seminary grads are taking on secular jobs to supplement their incomes, and often they are doing this after having accumulated high amounts of debt.

Requiring ministers to step out of their context and community, and accrue escalating debt is no way to train them for ministry.

This changing milieu of pastoral ministry requires a shift in how we train pastors for ministry. We need a different model for those who are not seeking or not hopeful about finding full-time pastoral jobs, for those not willing or able to relocate for seminary, and for those not willing or able to take on debt.

We are glad to announce the new Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission

The Master of Arts in Theology and Mission provides a strong biblical and theological base for reflecting on God’s mission in the world and for leading a community in mission. This program includes all the courses in the Old and New Testament, Church History, and Christianity Theology that you need, but goes further. You will develop the theological, ethnographic, missiological, and leadership skills necessary to be a missionary pastor in our changing North American context.

Uniqueness of Program

  • Affordable: monthly payment plan rather than up-front semester payments
  • Local: Be part of a growing community of theologian-practitioners by remaining in your local ministry context while pursuing this degree through coming to campus once a week.
  • Mentoring: Theological and Ministry Mentoring with David Fitch (monthly integration meetings)
  • Faculty: First class faculty in Old and New Testament, Theology, and Ministry courses: David Fitch, Scot McKnight, Cherith Fee Nordling, Claude Mariottini, Robert Price.
  • Lectureship: Once a year we will have a world class missional thinker give open lectures on theology and mission that will double as a class.

This program has a very affordable cost structure built around low monthly payments. It works around one’s local ministry life so as to keep you grounded in the life of the church. And it is communal in nature by linking pastors in training with experienced theologian-practitioners.

The goal of Northern Seminary’s Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission is to grow the community of theologian-practitioners.

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