Called to Seminary? Stepping Through The Open Door

May 10, 2017

How on earth do you know (you know), deep down, with certainty KNOW that God is calling you to seminary to study?

For 25 years I have been privileged to walk beside godly men and women who are struggling with that question. They love the church and already spend countless hours each week teaching, leading, and serving the church for Christ. Some have spouses, debt up the whazoo (is that a word?), young children, or challenging teenagers who need them at home, jobs they love or jobs they would drop in a second in order to serve the church full time….   Some know they have been called to preach with as much confidence as they have in the capacity of their legs to hold them up if they stand! Others nearly have a panic attack just thinking about preaching. A few women feel called to pastor but wonder if they must be hearing God wrong – their home church has not exposed them to, and maybe does not even approve of, women in church leadership.

What’s a person to do? My home pastor once told me, “Just step through the open door. Don’t over-think it – God’s plan has room for you to choose from life options that are good, better, or best. You are not going to disappoint God if you do or do not go through this door. ” When considering a calling to seminary, other friends who (in their own faith) are certain that God leads us into a perfect plan tell us, advise us “Fast and pray. Ask God to reveal His will.”

My story includes ignoring God’s calling for a little over 10 years. What’s yours?

I’d love to spend a couple of hours together. Come join me and the Admissions Team at the next Northern Open House. We’ll talk about the calling to ministry; we’ll share our stories; and meet faculty. I know you’ll be encouraged to see you are not alone. In fact, I know you will bless others as you honestly share your own struggle or confidence that God has revealed, “this is the way, walk in it.”

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