Church Planting Institute

In late January over 100 participants joined Professor Dave Fitch and instructor Hugh Halter in a church planting webinar. This event marked the launch of Northern’s Church Planting Institute, which will officially begin in fall of 2021. (Here is a preview of our developing website:

The webinar started with Dr. Fitch giving a history of church planting in North America. He proposed a new approach of church planting that considers the shifting context of post-Christendom. In this new environment we cannot rely on the old metrics of church attendance or assume there will be financial support. Rather, we need to re-imagine church planting as missionaries in a strange new culture.

Hugh followed and shared several stories of how he and has family have been part of revitalizing the neglected community of Alton, IL. Hugh specially focused on sustainability models for pastors and best practices for planting churches in partnerships with local businesses. Northern alumna Dru McCleland took Hugh’s shared experiences into account and reflected that, “Northern does a great job of combining didactic education with experiential education.”

The highlight of the webinar was the question-and-answer session that covered topics from gender roles, race, developing a leadership and how to cross socio-economic cultures. Another participant, Nick Kadun stated, “I can think of at least a dozen church planters/innovators in my network that NEED to hear this! So good.”

Join the hundreds of people who have already re-watched this webinar here:

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