Dr. JinUk Lee Visits Seoul, Korea

August 14, 2023

In the dynamic journey of promoting the Master of Arts in Worship – Korean program in Seoul, Korea, Dr. JinUk Lee orchestrated a harmonious symphony of collaborative efforts. From the meticulous planning and coordination with students like Julie Kim, who helped arrange meetings, performances, and interviews, to the resounding success of the SaRang church rehearsal that engaged a vibrant audience of around 7,000 people, Dr. Lee’s role as a professor of Northern Seminary shone brightly.

The partnership between Saga and Northern Seminary flourished during the Saga and Northern’s Day event, fostering connections and camaraderie among approximately 90 to 100 participants. Dr. Lee’s conviction in the divine underpinning of the partnership between Saga and Northern Seminary resonated powerfully as he invited the Northern family to wholeheartedly embrace this compelling God-driven plan for growth and shared his gratitude.

With notable engagements like the worship and praise seminar, the Korean National Day event in Chicago, and the profound ethos of continuous support, Dr. JinUk Lee’s narrative is one of dedication, purpose, and the resounding call to join in a remarkable journey.

Dr. JinUk Lee orchestrated engaging interviews with Far East Broadcasting Company, comprising captivating segments like “Far East Invitation” and “Artist Live The Music,” under the direction of Choi Hye-sim, the mastermind behind the monumental 50th Anniversary of Billy Graham Seoul Crusade held in June 2023, at Seoul’s grandest stadium. This historic event saw a remarkable congregation of approximately 100,000 individuals, a testament to Choi Hye-sim’s visionary leadership. This connection is very important and meaningful for the future ministry of Northern Seminary in Korea.

Dr. Lee also had numerous new encounters, including meetings with Kyung-Han Kim, Head of the International Trade Affairs Office at one of Korea’s major companies, POSCO, as well as discussions with Youn Shin Park, CEO General Executive Director of Culture & Delight, who is also involved in event planning.

The two discussed future collaborations, including a fundraising concert for Northern Seminary’s scholarship fund. Furthermore, Dr. Lee engaged in counseling sessions with students interested in Northern Seminary’s Master of Arts in Worship Korean track, expressing significant interest and deliberating on admissions for the upcoming year.