Epic Fail Gathering

There are countless reasons to celebrate ministry successes. We can rejoice hearing stories of the Lord’s redemption and movement being manifested in people’s lives as well as learn from the fruitful efforts of other ministers working toward the same mission as us. Those of us in ministry need this sort of encouragement on a regular basis. At times though it can seem that celebration is the only focus of our preparation. There also need to be ways in which ministers can learn what NOT to do, in addition to learning what TO do, with hope in Christ at the forefront. A new breed of conferences, known as Epic Fail Pastors Events, seeks to address this issue in a unique way. Northern Seminary will be hosting one such conference on April 26-27 in the Lindner Conference Center.
The premise is simple: Gather past, present, and future ministry workers and create a safe space for them to share stories of ministry failure. This might seem counter-productive to the mission of Christ at first, but past Epic Fail events have proven the opposite to be the case. Rather than dwelling in depressed or defeated states, participants confessing mistakes find healing in loving fellowship rooted in Christ. Instead of perpetuating guilt, Epic Fail fosters hope. To do this the conference will incorporate times of public testimony, small group sharing, worship, and communion, all for the sake of moving forward to Jesus rather than backward into shame.

Attendees of past Epic Fail gatherings have consistently attested to gleaning overwhelming encouragement and restoration from reorienting in the face of failure amidst Christ-centered community. This is beneficial to aspiring and experienced ministers alike, as rookies can learn from veterans’ stories, while the latter simultaneously find freedom and support.

Admission for this dynamic, two-day event will be $49 for pastors and the general public, while students, staff, and faculty of Northern Seminary will be able to attend for just $30. We at Northern are honored to host Chicago’s first-ever Epic Fail gathering, and are confident that ministers from all sorts of backgrounds will be blessed by it.

To register and find more information, visit the Epic Fail Chicago website.

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