#FindTheSheep Features Geoff Holsclaw

Affiliate Professor of Theology, Geoff Holsclaw, is speaking at the #FindTheSheep conference. Hosted by Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin, the conference is focused on working with churches to understand the unique characteristics of the Millennial Generation and the ways in which we are called to be the church in today’s culture.

A unique conference, the experience is divided into two gatherings: October 27-29 and May 4-6. Churches are encouraged to bring a team of at least three people to each gathering, one of whom should be a member of the 18-29 demographic. Each gathering will feature teaching, peer group discussion, strategic planning sessions, worship, and a chance to hear from individuals in the 18-29 demographic.

Churches at which a Northern student or alumni is serving can receive a $50 per person discount, making the cost for each gathering only $150 per person. The cost includes food, lodging, registration, and all program materials.

The conference is funded by a grant from the Virginia and Gordon Palmer Jr. Trust
of the American Baptist Foundation which challenged ministries to address the challenges of discipleship in the 18-29 demographic.

Find out more by going to www.findthesheep.glcc.org.

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