Free Webinar: Christian Community Development

Feb 12th, 11am CT (12 pm EST/9am PST)

How does community development fit with the gospel and the church?

How does the church minister in neglected neighborhoods?

Wayne Gordon, “Coach,” and Jonathan Brooks, “Pastah J,” are two of the leading voices in Christian Community Development. They will be sharing from years of experience in leading local congregations in Chicago. Join our webinar to hear stories of creative ministry in the urban context and to learn the important principles and practices for holistic Christian community development.

Jonathan Brooks, “Pastah J”

Wayne Gordon, “Coach”

In this webinar we will:

  • Gain theological frames regarding God’s justice and reconciliation.
  • Learn practices for working in neglected neighborhoods.
  • Receive practical training for how to study your context.
  • Hear stories from pastor-practitioners with decades of experience in urban ministry.


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