Global Church Forum Connects Marketplace Leaders to Innovative Ministries

The Grow Center Network held their first Global Church Forum in November. The forum brought experienced and emerging leaders together to share how they advance the gospel in cities around the world, into all spheres of life.

After attending the Forum, Dr. Ben Martel, a physician from Tennessee, says, “The sessions I was able to listen to stirred up desires that have been circling around in my heart for months. I was hooked from the initial conversation with Dr. Gorton about embracing uncomfortable. In medicine I learned long ago that this is vital when dealing with patients. That conversation enabled me to start seeing this uncertain time in my vocation as something to embrace. As I listened to Nico van der Merwe and others, I also found myself realizing that the business world and the health sector have many similarities. In both fields we can choose to be people who are primarily about making money. But this short time we have on this earth before we meet the King can be so much more productive than that!”

Sharon Hoover, Director of Missions and Evangelism at Centreville (Virginia) Presbyterian Church, says, “The Global Church Forum offered the most innovative approach to connecting across the time zones that I have ever participated in. As a speaker, I enjoyed meeting other presenters as we prepared for the Forum. The GCF staff successfully brought together a diverse group of presenters. I learned much from participants as they asked questions and shared about their country and their own settings. It increased my understanding of the challenges of contextualizing the gospel as well as seeking new ways to encourage the Western church to partner with believers in the Global South. The Lord is doing a new thing, and I yearn for us to be working together!”

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