Have You Visited the Student Services Center?

Several people have walked into The Building Formerly Known As The Library and asked, “So, where is the the Student Services Center?”  The answer is, “Right here!”

The 680 building, also known as the Karpe Building, has served many purposes over the years.  Constructed in 1963, it originally housed the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary library.  In 1975, the seminary library was relocated and incorporated into a library collection shared by both Northern and Bethany Seminary.  The Karpe building was remodeled at that time to house the chapel, a student lounge, a bookstore, and administrative offices.  When Bethany Seminary moved to Indiana in 1994, the Northern Seminary library collection was unincorporated from the shared library (a complex task) and moved back into the Karpe Building.  There was extensive remodeling to add the skylight, construct an enclosed staff work area, and add wiring for the library network in the newly renamed Brimson Grow Library.

Now, in 2012, the Karpe Building is experiencing another round of remodeling in order to provide an expanded range of services as the Student Services Center.  The Founders Room is open as a community space complete with free hot beverages in the freshly painted kitchen.  Admissions and Supervised Ministry advising is available as both Leesa Lance and Roni Okubo have offices in the Karpe Building.  Campus residents can pick up their packages at the front desk as late as 10pm on class nights.  The Student Services Assistants that staff the front desk can answer questions about student accounts, the student portal, or course schedules, and they can receive tuition or rent payments.  And yes, you can still check out books from the Brimson Grow Library, which remains in the Karpe Building as part of the Student Services Center.

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