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Tammy Melchien is a teaching pastor in Chicagoland. She spent six years in university ministry and the last two decades on staff at Community Christian Church ( She has overseen the church’s Kids and Family Ministry across all locations, led the planting of a new Community location as the campus pastor in Chicago, and now leads the teaching team. She is also part of the church’s Directional Leadership Team.

She has been a seminary student, earning a master’s in Pastoral Counseling from Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, IL. And now she has been a Seminary Now subscriber for over a year. She heard about Seminary Now from Scot McKnight by following him on social media and subscribing to his Substack newsletter. She said, “As someone whose seminary experience is now 25+ years in the rearview mirror, I feel like Seminary Now is helping keep my thinking fresh and providing new insights as well as practical equipping for ongoing ministry.”

She has earned two certificates from Seminary Now so far. Now she is taking other classes on the platform that will help her become a more effective teacher and leader. She said, “For years, I have wanted to audit seminary classes just to stay fresh in my thinking and continue as a lifelong learner, but both the cost and time involved were prohibitive. Seminary Now has been a great alternative.”

Some of her favorite courses have been Scot McKnight’s “Jesus and the Gospels” and “Paul and Judaism,” Greg Boyd’s “The Cruciform Kingdom of God,” and John Walton’s “The Lost World of Genesis One.” These fit well with her passion for biblical studies and theology.

She said, “I was not familiar with ‘The New Perspective,’ so McKnight’s course on Paul was new information for me. I’m currently watching ‘A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness’ by Matthew Stanford, which is providing great practical education in an area of pastoral ministry that is becoming increasingly important.”

She recommends Seminary Now to other church leaders as an ongoing learning tool. “For those who want to engage in seminary-level teaching but going to seminary as a student isn’t an option right now or, like me, they already have a seminary degree from years past, Seminary Now provides an affordable, time-efficient way to be a lifelong learner.”

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