Living out Missional Faith: Dr. Geoff Holsclaw

Geoffrey Holsclaw came to Illinois from his native California for one purpose: to attend seminary in order to become a pastor. In the process, God led him to the church Northern professor Dr. Dave Fitch was leading at the time. Through conversation and prayer, Fitch encouraged Holsclaw to consider that his pastoral calling could be expressed in the classroom as well as in the congregation.

The married father of two pursued his doctorate because he wanted to be a part of a new way of training pastors. “I didn’t want to become a university professor speaking from an ivory tower,” he said. He is one of the pastors at Life On The Vine Christian Community.

In addition, he has been an affiliate professor of theology at Northern since 2012, and currently directs the Master of Arts in Theology and Mission program at the school. “I bring my pastoral experience into the classroom when I’m teaching. And I bring my academic teaching into my pastoral work as I deal with contemporary issues when I preach.” As he moves between both vocational worlds, he helps students and congregants alike learn that the distance between the two isn’t very far at all.

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