Master of Arts in Old Testament (MAOT) begins Fall 2022

Northern Seminary announces an innovative Master of Arts in Old Testament (MAOT) in partnership with Jerusalem University College (JUC), combining JUC’s unique living and learning “in the land” of Israel with Northern’s flexible distance courses.  

This is one of the only accredited master’s programs in the world that combines focused understanding of the historical, archeological, and physical realities of the land of the Bible along with the opportunity for individual students to pursue their own interests within the field of Old Testament studies. World class professors who teach in this program include renowned Christian and Jewish scholars.  

Numerous field studies during the two semesters in Israel at JUC provide first–hand exposure to the geographical and historical issues that underlie the ancient histories of the lands of the Bible. Participation in archaeological surveys and material cultural of the ancient world deepens understanding of the Bible and its context. 

Since 2010, Northern has partnered with JUC through the Harry and Linda Parker Next Year in Jerusalem Program. Master’s degree students have the opportunity to study in Jerusalem on site as part of their program. This new partnership allows students to complete a full degree program in Old Testament through Northern and JUC.  

For information about the program and to register for classes, contact Dr. Ingrid Faro, program coordinator or Greg Armstrong, Director of Enrollment 

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