Missional From the Start

Northern’s current tag line reads: Biblical. Missional. Personal. Lately, missional living is being talked about more and more in the evanglical world. Not surprisingly, it’s something that Northern has been aware of for all of it’s 100 year history. No matter if it has an official name or not. Looking back in the school’s yearbooks makes this abundantly clear. The following photo titled “The Gospel Trio” was published in 1929 with the caption:

The “Northern” Gospel Trio, composed of Mr. and Mrs. F.R. Tiffany and Mr. Compton, was formed for the purpose of preaching gospel in Chicago.”

100 Northern Musical Trio

It doesn’t mention that they were a “praise and worship” band or that they were formed to entertain students. It doesn’t talk about travelling to far off lands as missionaries. It clearly states that the purpose was preaching the gospel in Chicago.

It’s a small example (that happened to have a cool picture) that testifies to Northern’s commitment to equip the church to change the world. In every way possible.


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