New Graduate Provides Pastoral Leadership

Rebecca Richmond uses one word to sum up her studies AND the no-interest loan she received when completing her Graduate Certificate in Urban Leadership Emphasis in June 2019: “Grateful.”Northern Seminary offers interest free loans to qualified students who may not be able to attend school without this great no-interest option provided by an anonymous donor. As a result, Northern decreased the number of students with federal student loan debt to 16 percent this past year.

“My loan took the pressure off from the loans I was already repaying,” said Rebecca said shortly after receiving her Graduate Certificate.  “The interest-free loans are very encouraging for students trying to reach a goal and keeps them from worrying about $2000 more in interest they might have to pay once completing their degree,” Rebecca added.

With her new certificate, Rebecca is continuing in ministry at New Life Covenant Church, Chicago, while also providing worship music at the Greater Way Church, also in Chicago.

“My Northern Seminary experience has been one that shall forever be the motivational source for my continuous growth in Biblical Application and Studies. Each course, every assignment and the tremendous reading sources have opened my understanding to the sensitivity of outreach to the community in which God has placed me,” Rebecca said. ““I have been both challenged and enlightened in my studies. My passion and desire for ministry has increased immensely. With every course, I have been challenged to extend beyond my boundaries to another level of ministry to which I have never been.

“Through faith and prayer, I am committed to continue the work God has called me to. My ministry assignments which are many, continuously confirms that God has His hand on my life and His desire for me is to continue to trust Him to lead me through each area whether teaching, speaking, singing, ministering instrumentally or servanthood. I am truly delighted and look forward with new perspective as I transition to other areas for future study,” she added.

Rebecca hopes to return to Northern Seminary to complete her Doctor of Ministry degree in the not-to-distant future. Rebecca adds,

Rebecca thanked Northern not only for her no-interest loans but also expressed appreciation for “ … the dedicated staff, instructors and partners of Northern for their passion and support in helping me to achieve my goals and to be all that God desires.”

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