Northern Seminary pastors, chaplains, and students have been on the frontlines of ministry since newscasters began warning of a COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) is providing life-saving care to people who cannot afford traditional healthcare. The LCHC is living out its mission in a big way in the middle of this pandemic as they exist to show and share the love of Jesus by promoting wellness and providing quality, affordable healthcare for Lawndale and the neighboring communities.

Lawndale Community Church is home to the Perkins Center, where Northern trains more than 20 pastoral leaders annually in Christian Community Development. Faculty member Wayne “Coach” Gordon directs this program and partnership with the Christian Community Development Association.

Under the leadership of James L. Brooks, Lawndale Christian Health Center is mobilizing pastoral care and aid to persons who need testing and treatment for various conditions, up to and including COVID-19.

James is a Northern alumnus and current Doctor of Theological Ministries student in Northern’s Christian Community Development Program. He also serves as Vice President of Mission and Community Engagement and pastor of Harmony Community Church in Lawndale.

Keep reading here to learn how Brooks and others members of the Lawndale community are bringing help and hope to families who need medical care and spiritual comfort now.

So, in the middle of the current pandemic, the Lawndale Christian Health Center – with support from CCDA and the church Coach planted nearly 40 years ago — residents have:


  • Lawndale Christian Health Center is working to improve the health and wellbeing of the patients who have chosen us as their medical home, as well as the health of the communities around us.

OVERALL wellbeing

  • The Center focuses on emotional, spiritual, and mental health as well as physical challenges patients face.  LCHC provides expanded services like behavioral health, treatment for opioid use disorder, and weekday programming for seniors. This focus on wellbeing goes beyond immediate care for those suffering through the pandemic.  The Lawndale community also operates a fitness center, café, event venues, and urban farm to encourage the entire Lawndale community to join the health center’s commitment to the community — whether they access medical care from the center or not.


  • Everything at the center — our values and mission — are shaped by the love of Jesus Christ. Our identity is summarized by our slogan, “Loving God, loving people.”

“Our brothers and sisters caring for the most vulnerable people in Chicago are standing in the gap and showing their neighbors the love of Christ,” says Dr. William Shiell, president of Northern Seminary.  “They are telling the people of Lawndale, you matter.  Your health matters. Your wellbeing matters.  And most of all, the love Christ wants to offer you will heal the wounds of your life for eternity.”

Please pray for the team in Lawndale during this pandemic.  Dr. Bruce Rowell, chief clinical officer, and the center staff are sharing messages of hope with local residents, along with top-flight medical care.

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