Northern Seminary Enrollment Grows 15%

After graduating 24 students this Spring, Northern Seminary had another banner year in recruitment. Overall enrollment increased 15%, and new students rose 18% this year. Since 2016, Northern’s masters and doctoral student enrollment has grown 44%.

This year’s growth is marked by the growth of the Master of Divinity degree- now available fully through Northern Live, Northern’s distance learning delivery system that makes it possible for students and pastors to serve in their home congregations while attending seminary.

Dr. William D. Shiell, President of Northern Seminary said that this increase would not be possible without the hard work of the enrollment team and the generosity of friends and churches. “We’ve been able to award over $270,000 in scholarships to students who serve in a variety of contexts.”

Northern’s 2019-2020 class comes from 44 states and 10 countries. With centers now in Lisle, Lawndale, the South Side, and Cincinnati, Northern now offers over 14 different programs.

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