President of Major Nonprofit Will Join Northern Students in Africa Immersion Trip

This summer, 12 students will be traveling to Africa with Dr. Wayne “Coach” Gordon to gain a greater appreciation for how the principles of christian community development can be part of transformational ministry to the poor. Students will receive credit for the course Experiencing Africa & the Gospel, while witnessing first-hand how community as seen in the Gospels is lived out in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Accompanying students will be David Doig, President of the Nonprofit Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives. David participated in Northern’s certificate program at Lawndale Community Church last fall and will join Dr. Gordon for the two-week immersion trip this June. Gordon and Doig’s friendship stretches back a few years. Before serving as President of Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives and Head of the Chicago Park District, and managing community projects like the Pullman Park Development, the restoration of Humboldt Park, and the Garfield Conservatory Beautification Project, Doig developed a passion for community development in the Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago’s west side.

He mentored children at Lawndale Community Church’s summer camp and helped to rehab a car dealership the church hoped to turn into a community center. “I fell in love with working with the kids, with people in the community”, Doig says, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. “ I am a strong Christian” Doig also said. “I believe that our works really should flow from our faith, that what we do should represent who we are and what we believe.”

Northern is excited to see people like David participating in this summer’s immersive experience in Africa.

*Quotes taken from Head of Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives Hopes Pullman Park Development Will Pull in Jobs, Growth in the Feb 6, 2012 edition of The Chicago Tribune.

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