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Bold preaching arises from the character of the preacher. As I’ve studied the book of Acts, listened to pastors, and reflected on the state of churches, I’ve discovered that more pastors want the kind of courage that the early church exhibited. They don’t want to be abrasive and loud. They want the kind of boldness exhibited in the early church. For instance, when the book of Acts first introduces the early followers of the Way to us, Peter and John preach the word of God with boldness (Acts 4:13). The first believers respond by praying for this boldness. But notice what comes from this transformation—not more authority, coercive power, or arrogance. Once they receive the Holy Spirit’s power, they willingly surrender their control and possessions. They submit to the apostles and share generously with others. This kind of boldness spreads a gospel (without hindrance).Read More

Register Now for Founders Day 2022 
Guest Speaker: Rev. James Brooks CEO of Lawndale Health Center Pastor, Harmony Community Church, North Lawndale

Founders Day 2022 will take place at Lisle Center on October 13,11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

During this celebration you will:

Hear our Keynote Speaker, James Brooks, CEO of Lawndale Health Center and Pastor of Harmony Community Church. Pastor Brooks is also a Northern alumnus and current student in the doctoral program in Christian Community Development.Rejoice in what God is doing through Northern Seminary as you hear stories from President Bill Shiell and others!Celebrate our anniversary classes of 1972 (50 Years) and 1997 (25 Years).Give scholarships to Students of Color. We have received a generous matching grant of $100,000 for this project and our Founder’s Day goal is to match this with a total of $200,000 raised.We will also be:

  • Recognizing the classes of 1972, 1997, and 2012.
  • Launching the Center for Theological Integrity.
  • Benefiting scholarships for students of color.
  • Matching gift opportunity right now: every gift between now and October 13 will be doubled up to $100,000

Dr. McKnight and Dr. Gupta will have their new books available at the event.

The deadline for registration is September 30.

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Seminary Now Releases Course On Courageous Preaching
Is preaching still relevant and important today?
We’re so excited to share a new streaming video course on Courageous Preaching now available at Seminary Now!Northern’s own president William Shiell, professor Marshall Hatch, and Tracey Bianchi bring a wealth of preaching experiences and cultural competencies to explore how preaching must adapt to meet the demands of our world and our churches today.  Teaching God’s Word with conviction has been essential to every revival in the history of the Church. No matter how long you’ve been in ministry, you’ll notice that a preacher’s role extends beyond the pulpit. Preachers help shed light on the world’s brokenness and exhort individuals to participate in Christ’s love through a variety of means.   “Today’s preacher is a: pastor, storyteller, proclaimer, character, narrator, mentor, teacher, prophet, technologist, philanthropist, and reconciler.”  In this course, you will dive into these ten characteristics of a bold preacher, and learn how each can lead to life and hope in your community.This course is primarily for: 

  • Pastors and church leaders
  • Homiletics students
  • Those looking into pastoral leadership inside or outside the church context

We deeply believe that all of us will walk away with applications for wherever God has placed us.  We invite you to join us on this preaching journey! Visit to watch the 2-minute trailer and then subscribe to get access to the full course!

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Lead Pastor Gains Credibility and Confidence
By Kelly Dippolito“Very simply, I want God to be pleased with all that I do while I’m here on earth.” Pastor Andrea Hayles graduated in June 2022 from Northern’s inaugural cohort in the Master of Arts in Christian Community Development program (MA-CCD). She is the Lead Pastor of City of Promise in Fairfield, Ohio. Through her education, Andrea gained credibility and confidence. When standing behind the pulpit, she can sense “God smiling upon her while not being afraid of those who fear a woman behind the sacred desk.”Read More
TOV for Women 2022

You are invited to a one-day event featuring Dr. Lisa Bowens, Vivian Mabuni, and Dr. Scot McKnight that aims to bring goodness (“tov”) into our churches, ministries, and everyday lives. Based on Dr. Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer’s book, A Church Called Tov, TOV for Women 2022 takes the conversation a step further by encouraging and empowering us to create cultures characterized by goodness. We are thrilled to offer a diverse slate of voices from across the country and a variety of backgrounds.Friday, October 21st, 9:00am-3:30pm CDTElmhurst Christian Reformed Church149 W Brush Hill Road, Elmhurst, ILFeaturing Dr. Lisa Bowens, Vivian Mabuni, and Dr. Scot McKnightIn-person $49Livestream for Individuals (1-2 people) $10Livestream for Groups (3+ people) $25Livestream registration includes the main sessions from 9am-12pm.A link to the afternoon breakout sessions will be provided after the event.

Dr. Lisa Bowens is an Associate Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary. As the first African American woman to receive tenure in Princeton Theological Seminary’s Bible department, she teaches a variety of courses including Introduction to New Testament Exegesis, Paul and Apocalyptic Thought, and African American Pauline Hermeneutics. She has written numerous articles and two books, An Apostle in Battle: Paul and Spiritual Warfare in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 and African American Readings of Paul: Reception, Resistance, and Transformation. Among her current projects are two commentaries, one on 2 Corinthians and one on 1-2 Thessalonians.
Vivian Mabuni is a national speaker, author, bible teacher, and podcast host. Her writing has appeared in Christianity Today, SheReadsTruth, Our Daily Bread, and Propel Sophia. Her teachings have been featured on the YouVersion Bible App’s “Verse of the Day”. With over 30 years on staff with Cru, Viv loves teaching about the Bible and its practical application to ministry and life. She has been a keynote speaker at IF:Gathering, QCommons, Cru Winter Conferences, and FamilyLife’s “Weekend To Remember” marriage conferences. Author of Open Hands, Willing Heart, she also serves on the Board of Trustees for Denver Seminary and is the founder & host of “Someday Is Here” a podcast for AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) leaders. Viv loves drinking coffee with her husband of 31 years, Darrin, and marveling at their three young adult kids and brand new daughter-in-law.
Dr. Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, is a speaker, writer, professor, and equipper of the Church. He is a recognized authority on the historical Jesus, early Christianity, and the New Testament. He writes a newsletter ( and has a blog, Jesus Creed, which is hosted by Christianity Today. Dr. McKnight is a prolific author, whose titles include A Church Called TovThe Audacity of PeaceThe Jesus CreedThe King Jesus Gospel, and The Blue Parakeet. A sought-after speaker, he is committed to bringing a message of TOV into the church and academy.
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