Retired Chinese Physician Trains Through the Grow Center & Seminary Now

Meet Rose, one of the Chinese students currently taking courses as part of the Global Chinese Initiative at the Grow Center. Rose is a retired physician, and she and her husband have remained at home for two years. They have not attended church in-person for a while. But while at home, Rose discovered the Grow Center’s Cantonese Bible courses on Youtube during the Pandemic. She has since enrolled in several courses, including Old Testament Essentials, via the partnership between Seminary Now and the Grow Center. The Grow Center provides a platform to connect Rose to over 35 Cantonese-speaking women and creates a network of support for these learners.  


Many Chinese-speaking people had to leave Hong Kong and China because of religious restrictions but maintain contact and fellowship virtually. They live worldwide, and all hope to return to Hong Kong or China one day. Connecting with like-minded believers who speak the same dialect of Chinese is essential. Many do not have a church community, and Rose wants to minister to these displaced Chinese people. Through the course, Rose learns with and cares for Chinese women, regardless of physical location. These women live in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Canada, and the US.  


In her Old Testament class, participants watch Tremper Longman’s video translated into Cantonese from Seminary Now first, complete the questions, and then come together every two weeks to discuss the lesson. The instructor leads the first three sessions, and a trained class member facilitates subsequent groups. The women enjoy the fellowship so much that this group has started Bible studies and a women’s fellowship.  

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