“Ringing in” New Students

With a flood of applications and inquiries coming in, we are excited to announce a new addition to the Admissions Office here at Northern Seminary. Bright and faithful, “The Bell”, as it is affectionately referred, hangs on the wall next to the Admissions office and can be heard chiming out whenever a new application is received.

Bell 2 330Nury Smith, Enrollment Manager, first suggested the bell as a way to celebrate when prospective students submit their applications. However, the bell is much more than a celebration, it is a call to prayer. Upon hearing the bell, Northern Staff and Faculty take a moment to pray for the individual and their future. “It signifies the culture of prayer here at Northern,” says Isaac Ampil, Director of Admissions.  Nury adds, “We have the opportunity to minister to prospective students and to be the support they need to minister the Gospel. Whether they end up at Northern or not, they will be blessed because they were thought of and prayed for.”

So if you are considering applying to Northern, know that when you click “Submit”, you are being lifted up in prayer.




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