Social Media Training for Clergy

On Thursday, February 9, Northern Seminary will host a one-day social media bootcamp  for clergy and non-profit leaders in partnership with Social Phonics. Social Phonics, a division of JoPa Productions, is a premier organization training pastors, ministry leaders, and non-profit leaders in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and various broadcast media.

Since 2009, Social Phonics has been equipping churches, ministries, and organizations with hands-on training that empowers leaders to harness the power of social media, resulting in comments like these:

• “Thanks so much for all the great info and discussion at the recent Boot Camp! It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended!” -Andy, Baptist Pastor, Pennsylvania

• “Exactly what I wanted and needed. I feel as if I got a week’s worth of content in one day. I am still unpacking everything I learned. There was so much information that it will take me awhile to put it into practice. Every leader of a faith community should take this course. I consider it to have been the most important workshop I’ve attended this year!” -Laura, UCC Pastor, Connecticut

• “I went to a Boot Camp last week, and it was some of the best continuing ed money I’ve spent in a long time. Good for people who dabble in social media and some who already use it quite a bit. I knew Social Phonics was where I wanted to go to learn about this, and I was right.” -Katie, college pastor, Texas

• “Wesley Theological Seminary has been honored to be in partnership with the Social Phonics Boot Camp bringing important new ways to communicate to our students, their future congregations, and to current clergy in the DC area. Having new communication tools at our fingertips will assist us to continue to rebuild the church for future generations.” -Sara Shepherd, Wesley Seminary

The social media Boot Camp takes place  from 9am-4pm (lunch included) at the Lindner Conference Center. Registration information can be found at A discounted price will be given to Northern students. Contact for a special coupon code.

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