Special Summer Course: Mediation Skills for Church Leaders

All of us, at one time or another, have found ourselves affected by conflict amongst individuals, groups, institutions or communities.  In Christian life and ministry, conflict is inevitable and precisely where healing and reconciliation, as aspects of the gospel, become most relevant.  The ability to navigate conflict in spiritually mature ways, while often overlooked, is an imperative part of Christian discipleship and leadership.

Therefore, we wanted to draw your attention to a unique opportunity available to you this summer.  In conjunction with the Mennonite Peace Center of Lombard, we are offering a course in, Mediation Skills for Church Leaders.

The course is a 1-week intensive (Aug. 1-5) led by Richard Blackburn, Exec. Dir. Of the Mennonite Peace Center.  Dr. Karen Walker-Freeburg, a graduate of the Mennonite Peace Center Mediation Skills Institute, will be responsible for all course related work.

The course syllabus is available on the Summer 2011 Course Schedule page.  We hope you will give serious consideration to participating in this unique and important opportunity.

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