The Missional Church Landscape

Recently Tony Jones has offered two blog posts related to the missional church.  You can find the first one here, “Which Missional Church?” and the second one here, “More on Missional.”

In the midst of our own attempts to articulate what might be meant by Missional Theological Education, this is an important conversation.

Our own Dr. Dave Fitch is mentioned in Tony’s posts as one of the leading voices in the missional church conversation.  Additionally, Tony mentions the contributions of Alan Roxburgh, Craig Van Gelder, and John Franke, each of whom will be helping to lead our upcoming DMin in Missional Leadership cohorts (one in Chicago and another based in Virginia.)

In the first post, Tony discusses what he sees as some of the inherent differences between two “types” of missional church conversations.  The first is largely academic-oriented and is exemplified by the Gospel and Our Culture Network, comprised of missional theologians and authors.  The second is largely practitioner-oriented and is exemplified by the Ecclesia Network (a group that Northern partners with in various ways), comprised of missional church planters, pastors, and leaders.

In the second post, Tony mentions that what he’s interested in is a discussion between neo-Anabaptists and “(non-hyper-) Reformed folks).”  Dr. Fitch, in a comment on the second of Tony’s posts, suggests that while there are valuable resources within Anabaptist theology for the church in post-Christendom, the differences might not be quite so stark as one suspects.

For all those interested in this sort of conversation, we thought we’d bring it to your attention and welcome your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, or over at Tony’s blog.

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