The President’s July Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When you log into a Northern live stream classroom, you’re likely to meet one of six different kinds of students. Although they come from various backgrounds, every student wants to engage the Bible and lead church ministry. Take a look in the mirror, and see if you might recognize a familiar face.

1.) Full-time pastors increasing their knowledge

A congregation has already called these women and men to serve. These students plan to return to school after they paid down college debt and their children start elementary school. In other words, they are  waiting for the “right time.” Their spouse encourages them to come, and the Northern Live platform gives them the flexibility to fulfill their calling. They hear about our dedicated faculty and want to learn specifically from one of them.





2021 Urban faith leaders symposium

Wednesday, August 18, 2021
11:00 a.m. to 4:30pm
Presented live via Zoom

The Faith Leaders Symposium will be a cutting edge presentation on three topics that impact how we do ministry in urban and suburban contexts.

This symposium will ignite, inspire, and inform Faith Leaders to higher levels of ministry involvement and deeper depths of ministry effectiveness.

Public offering will be received to support  the Urban Leadership program at Northern Seminary.




Impact stories from the class of 2021

On June 12, Northern graduated 65 students—our largest class in over 60 years. Here are just three of their stories.

Seminary Improves a Pastor’s Knowledge of Scripture

Recent Northern graduate Lisa Scheffler always wanted to go to seminary. But she never thought it could be an option for her. “Coming from a more fundamentalist background,” she says, “it was considered a waste of time and money to pursue a seminary degree. By the time I finally saw it as a possibility, I had three young kids. But as they grew, so did my desire to expand my learning.”


A Local Pastor Gains a Deeper Love for Christ and the Church

When Isaac Ampil began the Master of Arts in Theology and Mission program at Northern Seminary in 2016, he was already familiar with the school: he had previously worked as the admissions director. He says, “Through much prayer and discernment, I realized that I had wanted to personally benefit from all that I had been ‘promoting as a product’ in admissions. I already had some Bible school training through the Assemblies of God School of Ministry (Global University), but I also wanted to grow deeper in a more ecumenical setting.”


Seminary Provides Safe Space to Engage Difficult Questions

When Rick Pidcock decided to go to seminary, he was actually on a journey away from pursuing church leadership. He was also going through a challenging season of deconstructing his faith.

Before applying to Northern Seminary, Pidcock says, “I was rethinking virtually every part of my theology. I wanted to do so within a seminary experience in order to receive the feedback of professors who invited my questions and had access to resources and theological possibilities that I was unaware of.”


Do you know someone like or Lisa, Isaac, or Rick? Would you be willing to support someone like them financially? Connect to someone on our team today.




Your friend,
William D. Shiell
President and Professor of Pastoral Theology and Preaching, Northern Seminary

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