Theological Reflection at Northern Helps Equip Worship Leaders in London

For Tracey Campbell, being the only international student in her cohort at Northern Seminary was more of a blessing than a challenge. “I had the immense privilege of learning alongside people who live, work, and serve in contexts very different to mine,” she says. “This made the MAW course all the more enriching because there was so much to learn from the varying denominations and traditions represented in each lecture.”

For over ten years, Campbell has served as the leader of the worship ministry at Emmanuel Community Church International (ECCi), a Pentecostal church in London, England. In that capacity, she says, “My role is to help broaden and deepen the team’s understanding of worship theology and practice through developing teaching programs that facilitate ongoing theological and spiritual development.”

During this ministry, Campbell has continued to pursue her education and training. After completing the Ten Thousand Fathers Worship School led by Aaron Keyes and his team, she decided to begin the Master of Arts in Worship (MAW) program at Northern. “As well as leading our worship ministry,” she says, “I am the Course Director for our School of Worship at ECCi, and it seemed prudent to me to engage in a course of study to increase my understanding as I lead and teach others.”

“The MAW course of study has been incredibly challenging and enriching to my understanding of the revelation of God, my spiritual formation, and my appreciation for the ongoing development of my competencies,” Campbell says. One highlight for her came in the module called Christian Theology, where students learned the difference between embedded and deliberative theology. “The professor of this module helped us to understand that our embedded theology—that which we’ve developed through observation and experience—is something that we often act out of without much thought. Deliberative theology, on the other hand, is that which we have intentionally sought to understand and explore.”

Now that she has completed the program, Campbell plans to continue teaching at her church’s School of Worship while contemplating the next steps in her academic journey. In the meantime, she says, “I will certainly be taking up the offer to audit a course at Northern after graduation.”

“I am deeply thankful to all the staff and professors at Northern,” says Campbell, “because the MAW course has been instrumental in increasing my capacity for critical and constructive theological reflection.”



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