Transformed by TOV

I was introduced to the Center for Women in Leadership through their inaugural event – TOV for Women.  In my close to 20 years of experience in Women’s Ministry and Leadership, I was both impressed and delighted by the topics that were featured at this event.  I felt deeply honored to be a part of that bold, authentic,  powerful yet humble outreach to women all over the world.  To be invited into a long past due conversation about trauma recovery as a non-negotiable part of the discipleship journey was refreshing,  inspiring and without a doubt – the will of God for His church in our generation.

Since that event, I have been blessed to join the team as the Coordinator for Mentoring and Strategic Partnerships as well as helping to build our outreach called “The Trauma Informed Church,” where we will provide resources for the healing journey.  As a technologist specializing in the Science of Human Behavior through Behavior Design, I could not help but notice the many parallels between the mission and vision of the CWL and the highly relational, interconnected and strategically designed components of successful start-ups.  Our Director Tracey and our Founder Dr. Lynn Cohick both have a deep understanding of what it takes to bring people together through successful collaboration, where gifts are recognized, celebrated and given freedom to shine! The best is yet to come for CWL – to the Glory of God!

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