Vision Conference – June 17, 2020

The Vision Conference, led by the R.H. Boyd, will take place virtually on June 17, 2020. The Vision Conference is a premier leadership event, providing a multitude of resources, including strategy sessions, business advice/mentorship author services, sermons, workshops, continuing education credits for seminary and secular employment requirements and access to the Urban Leadership Program and Seminary Now at Northern Seminary.

“We are honored to partner with the National Baptist Congress to provide theological education for church leaders,” said Northern President Dr. Bill Shiell. “For over a century, the National Baptist Congress has been providing relevant training for Christian leaders in their local contexts. Our relationship will National Baptists will seek to do as Paul instructed Timothy: to entrust biblical teaching to reliable people who can in turn teach others.”

Northern will issue certificates to those who complete courses at the National Baptist Congress annual meeting. National Baptist Congress provides seminars, courses, and workshops to their attendees with the goal of helping them elevate the work they are doing for God across the nation. “Northern’s new partnership with the National Baptist Congress and its Vision Conference positions Northern to extend its reach and add value to Faith Leaders and Christian workers throughout the nation,” said Dr. Gerald Dew, Director of Northern’s Urban Leadership program.

Additionally, attendees of the National Baptist Congress’s annual Vision Conference will receive one year of access to Seminary Now, a new online educational platform created by Northern Seminary and other organizational partners to provide video courses to ministry leaders. Registrants will also have the opportunity to pursue degree programs at Northern Seminary through its interactive live-streaming classes, Northern Live.

Northern is excited to work alongside the National Baptist congress in the years to come. We pray that the collaboration is fruitful and that together, we can provide educational environments to ministry leaders, giving them the knowledge, they need to further the work of God.

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