Announcing Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament

Northern Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament Studies, to the Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament.

The prestigious position was established to honor a New Testament professor making noteworthy scholarly contributions to the Church. The first appointee was Professor of New Testament, Dr. Robert Guelich, in 1983; he was immediately followed in 1984 by Professor Dr. David Scholer, who held the role for many years.

Dr. Scot McKnight will be the third appointee of the chair. He has taken upon himself the task of constructive New Testament theology, making that scholarship accessible to the church and educating pastors to do the same.

Dr. Julius R. Mantey was hired as Professor of New Testament and Greek at Northern in 1925. His Greek scholarship was revealed at Southern Baptist Seminary under A.T. Robertson, and his Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament, co-authored with H.E. Dana, was utilized as a textbook in numerous seminaries for over 60 years. After 35 years of preparing ministers and serving Northern, Mantey retired in 1960. Mantey’s “Dana and Mantey” was Dr. McKnight’s first grammar of Greek syntax when he was in college.

McKnight has published more than fifty books and has received numerous awards. This fall, McKnight will launch a new Master of Arts in New Testament program at Northern. This program will provide the opportunity for students to study the hermeneutics of New Testament theology within the 1st Century context.


McKnight describes how Julius Mantey has influenced him:

“When I was a college student my Greek professor recommended that we all buy and read “Dana and Mantey” as an introduction to Greek syntax, which I did – underlining throughout the textbook. As a young professor tasked with teaching Greek syntax the first time, I wrote up my own notes on syntax and relied heavily upon Dana and Mantey. I can say that Dana and Mantey formed my “syntax” mind! I am deeply honored to be named to the Mantey Chair.

My aim at Northern as a New Testament Professor is to teach students how to understand the New Testament in the context of the 1st Century world so they can pastor, preach, and lead in the church in a more responsible-to-the-Bible manner. That means, learning about Judaism and about the Greco-Roman world as the contexts in which the New Testament itself was formed. At the heart of that, of course, is studying the New Testament in Greek. But all of this is done with a view to the church – to empowering students to become more alert to the multi-cultural contexts of the New Testament so they can relate the Bible to our own multi-cultural contexts.”

It is for his scholarship, aptitude, and commitment to equipping the Church to comprehend and apply New Testament doctrine that Northern Seminary proudly appoints Dr. Scot McKnight to the Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament.

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