Our New Internship Supervisors

By: Northern Seminary

We want to celebrate our newly minted 2017-18 Internships Supervisors. Each has been trained in how to effectively mentor and grow internships.

This is an essential part of the training we offer here at Northern Seminary as we seek to train students to lead the church & engage the world. 

Left to Right Back Row:
Rev. Dr. Saul Ebema (Northern Alumnus); Rev. Dr. Tim Smith; Phil Nordquist; Rev. Dan Martinson (Northern Alumnus); Rev. Jeff Brewer; Rev Jimmy Leon Thorn; Rev. Howard Hoekstra; Rev. Dave Richa; Rev. Robbie deMarigny.

Left to Right Front Row:
Dr. Jill Sidler Fleagle; Rev. Mattie Phillips (Northern Alumna).

November 27, 2017

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