Faith and Joy in the Lord in Difficult Times: A Bible Study on Philippians

Paul’s letter to the church in Philippians was borne out of suffering and uncertainty. How does this prison epistle speak to the church amidst a global pandemic? How does faith and joy flourish during suffering? Join renowned New Testament scholar Nijay Gupta as he trains the church in how to read and preach the book of Philippians.


Live over Zoom!
Thursdays, June 18 – July 23
8-9:15 PM CST / 6-7:15 PM PST

– Free to current students, not seeking academic credit (0 credit hours)

– Current students seeking academic credit will be charged at their current tuition rate

-$35 for alumni

-$250  for the general public.


Current Northern Seminary students should register for this course by contacting Linda Owens at

Northern Seminary alumni and the general public can register here: REGISTRATION FORM


Session 1: Welcome and Introduction (getting to know Paul and the Philippians; getting to know each other in the course)

Session 2: Philippians 1:1-30: Confidence in the Unstoppable God

Session 3: Philippians 2:1-30: All That is Good Goes Down

Session 4: Philippians 3:1-21: Becoming Friends of the Cross

Session 5: Philippians 4:1-23: Keep Calm and Carry On

Session 6: How to Preach from Philippians Today

Questions? General public contact Andrea Pingel at Students and alumni contact Linda Owens at


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