Annual Preaching Forum

Preaching the Long Road: Leading God’s People Through Tragedy and Tumult

Throughout history, preachers have shared the daunting task of leading the church through hardship and trial. During the most harrowing and chaotic times in human history, preachers have dared to speak on God’s behalf to God’s people. Every generation of preachers steps into the pulpit well aware of their own shortcomings while at the time, in awe of how God can use the church to meet the great needs of their time. Preaching helps lead people and bring that change about.

2020 has provided one of the most chaotic seasons in recent history for the American church. A global pandemic and renewed calls for justice and equality have met with a rancorous and deeply divided political climate. This generation of preachers faces a high and harrowing call to teach the church during this time.

Join us on Friday, October 16th beginning at 11am Central as we offer a three hour series of workshops around Preaching the Long Road. Invite your ministry team(s) to join you for this event that will encourage preachers, youth pastors, teachers, and communicators from across a variety of ministries.


  • Bishop Gary Hayles, Sr. Pastor, City of Promise
  • Pastor Mandy Smith, University Christian Church
  • Pastor Freddy Villareal, Sr. Pastor, Freedom Life Church
  • Dr. Bill Shiell, President, Northern Seminary
  • Rev. Tracey Bianchi, Preaching Pastor and Program Director, Northern Seminary


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