Current Quarter Master’s Classes

We strive each quarter to provide a flexible and robust schedule of classes to completely engage you in your theological education.  These are the classes being offered this quarter along with their descriptions.  We have linked syllabi to many of the classes for additional information.  We are excited about what we offer, and hope you are too.

Early and Medieval Christianity

This online course is an introduction to the history of early and medieval Christianity, exploring the environment, movements and significant personalities in the development of the Christian Church, from the end of the first century to the time of the Reformation.


Reformation and Modern Christianity

This course is an introduction to the history of the Christian church from the Reformation Era to the present day. Special emphasis is given to describing the lives and the contributions of men and women whose stories can inspire us as we struggle with similar problems in the modern church.


Teaching Ministry of the Church

This basic course utilizes several contemporary approaches to the practice of educational ministry.


Missions and Evangelism

The purpose of this course is to develop critical awareness to ensure relevant communication of the Gospel in postmodern contexts. This course will identify and challenge assumptions about traditional methods of evangelism and explore alternative ways of thinking and action in ministry. It will equip church leaders as evangelists with the ability to incarnate the Gospel through friendship evangelism and to reconcile seekers to God.


Theology of Pastoral Ministry

What does it mean to be a pastor? What is my role in the church? How do I measure my effectiveness? What authority–and what kind of authority–do I have as a pastor? Those questions and more will be addressed as we explore the subject of pastoral theology. In that one who enters pastoral ministry without a pastoral theology is destined to serve the whims of the congregation and the exigencies of the times, students will develop pastoral theologies to serve as guides for future ministry.


Principles and Practice of Preaching II

This course intends to provide a supervised “lab” experience in both the practice and evaluation of preaching. It builds on the Principles and Practice of Preaching I course, but places more emphasis on biblical interpretation and the delivery of the sermon.


Preaching & Pastoral Communication

This course will be team taught by Coach Gordan and Dr. Hatch at the Lawndale campus.


Jesus and the Gospels

This course provides a basic introduction to Matthew, Mark, and Luke (the “Synoptic Gospels”) and acquaints students with an overview of the teaching and mission of Jesus in these Gospels.


Paul’s Letters and Acts

This course aims to acquaint students with the mission, letters and theology of Paul. The focus is on exegesis and theology in the service of building up one’s own biblical-theological basis for preaching, teaching and other practices of ministry.


The Pentateuch

This course will introduce students to the Old Testament, to the methods, work, and results of biblical archaeology, and to the discipline of biblical criticism. Students will be introduced to the content of the Pentateuch and to the many historical, political, religious, and social events that shaped the history of the patriarchs and that molded later Israelite society.


The Former Prophets

An introduction to the critical, historical, and theological study of the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings. Special attention will be given to the historical, political, religious, and social events that shaped Israelite society.



This course will: 1) help students gain an understanding of the content and message of the Book of Hosea; 2)provide students with guidelines for the interpretation of the biblical material in its literary, historical, and theological contexts; 3) help students preach and teach from the book of Hosea to meet the needs of today’s society.


Premarital & Marital Counseling

This course emphasizes skill training in the assessment and treatment of couples. Issues considered are use of tools to assess differences in couples personality, communication skills, identifying and treating abusive behavior, dealing with betrayal, resolving conflict, and the use of pornography and its effect on the marriage relationship. This will be accomplished through class lectures, readings, and training in the use of the Taylor Johnson Temperament Test. The books and tapes required for this course will be the tools needed in your own ministry to do premarital and marital counseling.


Internship Information Session

This course will equip students who are planning to complete Internship I or Internship II in the next academic year with all of the information necessary to have a successful experience. The best internship experiences happen when students are well prepared and have thought about their ministry goals. Students need to begin developing and planning their steps 6-12 months prior to taking the internship classes

Internship II

Supervised Ministry is designed to integrate the practice of ministry with educational studies. It assists in gaining competence in self-assessment and in critical reflection on the process of ministry.


CPE–Extended Unit, Part 1

Supervised pastoral experience in a clinical setting accredited by The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., with attention to the religious issues of illness and death, to medical ethics, to the formation of pastoral identity and to the development of interpersonal competence in ministry.  This unit is designed so that the student is able to complete the CPE requirement of 3 credits on a part-time basis over two academic terms of study.

CPE–Extended Unit, Part 2

Second part of CPE—Extended Unit, Part 1.

CPE (Half Unit)

Supervised pastoral experience in a clinical setting accredited by The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., with attention to the religious issues of illness and death, to medical ethics, to the formation of pastoral identity and to the development of interpersonal competence in ministry. This would be half a unit (3 cr.).

Prayer: Deepening Intimacy with God

Retreat for Transforming Community students only. Feb. 22-24, 2015

Transformation Through Self-Examination

Retreat for Transforming Community students only. Jan. 11-13, 2015.

Christian Theology II

An introduction to theological construction, engagement with the historical and traditional sources of theology and the practice of ministry.


Theology of Church and Culture

In this class, we will explore the church’s relation to culture, as well as theological principles for guiding such an engagement between church and surrounding culture. The class will guide the student through forming his/her own position on the church/culture relationship and the implications of how each pastor will lead his/her congregation, shape the local congregation as a discerning people amidst the social and moral issues of our times, and provide strategies for witness, ministry and justice in the world.


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