Doctor of Ministry

DMin programs enable ministry leaders to undertake doctoral study that is both academically rigorous and deeply engaged in ministry practice, personal renewal, and God’s mission in the world. 


Programs Offered:

Theology and Ministry 

Women, Theology, and Leadership 

New Testament Context 

Contextual Theology 


Christian Community Development 

Student Experience  

Programs are structured in a cohort model. Students can expect to form a unique community of learning as they journey through the program. Courses offered in the Intensive model encourage strong relationships among peers, developing friendships in ministry that serve students well professionally and personally. Courses are also open to students from other cohorts and programs, giving students the best of a cohort model together with the dynamism that comes from encountering new colleagues in various classes. 

Program Completion Time 

DMin programs are four year programs, consisting of seven courses over three years and a year for thesis writing. Occasionally a student will need more time to complete program requirements. In that situation, the outer limit for completion of the program is ten years. 


The Doctor of Ministry program consists of 36 quarter hours of study. Each course is structured in a one-week intensive format. Each student writes a thesis at the end of the program. 

  • Core Courses – 3 courses /12 quarter hours 
  • Specialized Courses – 4 courses / 16 quarter hours 
  • Thesis Project Research and Writing – 8 quarter hours 

Core Courses 

DM 7015 Becoming Doctors of the Church (4 quarter hours) 

This course introduces students to the function and importance of the office of “doctor of the church.” In the course, students delve deeply into “why I believe” the central tenets of the faith and identify and begin to research a key ministry context. The research will become central to the doctoral thesis. 


DM 7045 Bible and Theological Method (4 quarter hours) 

This course is a general hermeneutics course that grounds theological method and the study of Scripture. It provides an opportunity for students to engage specific biblical texts and theological topics as they relate to their ministry contexts and thesis. 


DM 7060 Thesis Design (4 quarter hours) 

This seminar walks the student through constructing a thesis that begins with a driving question about the relationship between their specialization and a ministerial context. 


Course Content 

Pre-Intensive Work 

Prior to each intensive course, students complete reading, reflection, and assignments through which learning is applied to one’s own ministerial context. Students bring a variety of individual ministry issues to the course. Each course is designed with this in mind so readings and assignments allow for flexibility in terms of personal focus.  

Intensive Weeks 

Courses typically meet in the winter and summer of each year for a week-long intensive from Monday – Friday midday. This is a productive, flexible format for doctorate study and allows students to focus for several months on each course. 


Course sessions involve engagement of heart, intellect, and practical implementation. The goal is to create a community of faith, learning and support. During intensives, students engage in reflection and development of action plans for responding in new ways to issues and opportunities in ministry. 


Post-Intensive Work 

Following each intensive week, students complete reflective assignments, often leading to further research and study in order to faithfully implement new ministry action within one’s ministerial context. 

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