Doctor of Theological Ministry

Degree Description

The Doctorate in Theology and Ministry, supervised by professor Beth Felker Jones, engages the truth, beauty, and complexity of historic Christian doctrine while interrogating the ways that lived ministry challenges and forms doctrine for the future of the church. This program aims to train Christian leaders whose lives and work embody the integration of doctrinal and practical theology for service to the Church of Jesus Christ and to the world. 


“Christian doctrine is vital to the life of Christian faith and to Christian ministry. In an age of deconstruction of faith, we need leaders who can build constructive, faithful, and life-giving theology for a variety of contexts.” — Dr. Beth Felker Jones 



Dr. Beth Felker Jones, Professor of Theology, directs the DMin in Theology and Ministry program.  

Dr. Beth Felker Jones 

Specialized Courses 

In addition to the three DMin core courses, students take four courses (16 quarter hours) in Theology and Ministry.  


Specialized courses expose students to a wide breadth of issues in historic and contemporary theology while challenging students to examine the classic theological loci as they shape and are shaped by ministry contexts. 


No other DMin program in the country offers this depth and breadth of course work in doctrinal theology. Thus, these specializes courses in Theology and Ministry form the unique centerpiece of the DMin in Theology and Ministry program at Northern Seminary and are designed as advanced courses exploring the dynamic intersection between doctrine and ministry contexts. All four courses interact with contextual and practical application of doctrine in relation to matters such as gender, race, class, church practices, and spiritual disciplines, as these are shaped by and, in turn, shape doctrinal theology. These courses undergird, expand, and bear fruit for ministry. 


DM 7420 Doctrine and Ministry I: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Ministry (4 quarter hours)
Examines aspects of the doctrines of creation, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology in relation to ministry. 


DM 7410 Doctrine and Ministry II: Imago Dei, Theodicy, and Ministry (4 quarter hours)
Focuses on the doctrine of theological anthropology and its relationship to perennial questions about evil and suffering in relation to ministry. 


DM  7440 Doctrine and Ministry III: The Triune God and Ministry (4 quarter hours)
Investigates the doctrine of God, Christology, and pneumatology in relation to ministry. 


DM  7330 Doctrine and Ministry IV: Theology of the Human Body and Ministry (4 quarter hours)
This course is a theological examination of gender and women in Christianity. Theological, historical, literary, exegetical, and feminist methods are variously employed as students consider the relationship between gender and ministry contexts. 



Students can work on many possible thesis projects in completing the DMin in Theology and Ministry, including, but not limited to: examining the relationship between doctrine and questions related to the Black Church, Women in the Church, Immigration and Refugees, Health Care, Wealth and Poverty, Prisons, Catechetical Practice, and Worship. 


Ministry Groups 

In addition to intensives, ministry groups within a Theology and Ministry cohort meet virtually on a regular basis throughout the four years for shared inquiry and encouragement. 


A Note from Beth Felker Jones 

“The part of my work and calling I feel most deeply is about bringing theology to the church, and I believe the people of God are hungering for good theology. It’s my privilege to launch this program at Northern seminary, to invite pastor-theologians and other ministry professionals to strengthen their gifts through thinking about how doctrine matters for ministry. The DMin in Theology and Ministry fills a hole in the DMin landscape. If you’ve been looking for something which lets you be serious about theology for ministry, please get in touch with me so we can talk about how the program might fit with your gifts and calling.” 

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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To be considered for admission, please complete the Doctorate application form along with a nonrefundable application fee. This is a highly competitive program and special consideration is given to highly motivated, talented students who have a passion for Christ’s church and who want to make a difference in their current context.



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