Graduate Certificates

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5 Courses


1-2 Years

At Northern, we believe solid theological education is useful for all members of the church.

With that in mind, Northern offers our Graduate Certificates (GC) in order to create a foundation which will serve you well wherever your ministry journey takes you. These non-degreed programs offer graduate-level credit to students wishing to strengthen their ministry without committing to a full-length program. With five areas of specialization available, these programs are an ideal entry point into theological education.

Earn a Graduate Certificate in the following areas:

Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies

Many pastors, teachers, and church members feel intimidated by the formal study of the Bible. The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies provides a solid foundation for continued scholarly and personal study. While exploring our Old and New Testament curriculum, you will develop new and useful skills that will help you to responsibly interpret the Bible.  View the course list >

Graduate Certificate in Preaching and Teaching

Whether pastor, elder, or teacher, Northern Seminary’s Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Preaching is perfect for anyone wishing to become more effective within the umbrella of these important skills. A focus on practical application means that this program will give you many exciting opportunities to hone your craft in a fashion that is appropriate to your context. View the course list >

Graduate Certificate in Church History

Northern Seminary’s Graduate Certificate in Church History will empower you to explore the rich history and traditions of the church. With a curriculum that follows the church from the days of the apostles all the way to modern America, this program is perfect for anyone hoping to establish a scholarly context for their understanding of the Christian faith. View the course list >

Graduate Certificate in Baptist Leadership

Northern Seminary offers a Graduate Certificate in Baptist Leadership that provides practitioners and pastors a robust and accredited education in the distinctives of Baptist theology, formation, and ministry. Learn more and view the course list >

Africa Pastoral Training Institute

In partnership with Lawndale Community Church and Christian Community Development of Africa, Northern Seminary offers a Certificate of Ministry in the Kibera slum of Kenya. Pastors from Kenya and other parts of Africa travel to be trained in pastoral leadership and Christian community development. Learn more >

Taking the Next Step

If you decide to continue towards a Masters degree after completing a Graduate Certificate, your classes will apply to your new degree program.

Requirements for Completion

Each Graduate Certificate is different. Click here for an updated Progress Report to help you to stay on track.

Student Stories

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