Master of Arts in Christian Ministries

Northern Seminary offers a professional ministry Master of Arts degree that is designed for persons seeking focused training in Christian ministries.

The MACM program is not intended for people preparing for the ordained pastoral ministry in traditions requiring the MDiv for ordination. More specifically, this degree is meant for:

  • Persons serving in church or para-church staff positions who desire leadership training in specific areas of their ministry along with course work in the basic disciplines of theological education.
  • Lay people who want graduate theological education and practical skill training in Christian ministries.
  • Ordained ministers without the MDiv who seek formal theological and practical ministry training.


On Campus

Upcoming Starting Points

Fall 2018, Classes Begin in September

Winter 2019, Classes Begin in January

Spring 2019, Classes Begin in January

Program Completion Time

This 66 credit program can be completed in 2.5 years while doing 3 classes per quarter, 3 quarters per year.

Goals of the MACM Program

The goals of the MACM program are to:

  • Provide students with foundational knowledge at the graduate level in Old and New Testaments, Theology, Church History, and Ethics.
  • Assist students through a concentration of elective courses and ministry supervision to develop their understanding of and skills in the practice of Christian ministry, either generally or within a particular area of emphasis.
  • Foster the students’ ability to integrate theology and ministry practice.

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries is a practical ministry degree designed to provide excellent training for those called to various fields of Christian service. Students are encouraged to work with their Enrollment Advisor to tailor the program to their specific vocational goals.

Description of the MACM Degree

The MACM consists of 66 quarter hours and is designed to be completed in two years of full-time study (i.e., three to four courses per term). Requirements include 12 courses in Bible, Theology, and Church History; 6 courses in Christian ministries; and 4 courses in supervised ministry.

The MACM program offers a number of ministry emphases which a student may complete by choosing 5 Christian ministry courses within a specific field. Students who complete the requirements for a particular emphasis may have that emphasis noted on their transcript.

During the first quarter of study, students are assigned a personal Enrollment Advisor who assists the student with assimilation to seminary life and provides academic counsel from the beginning of seminary studies through to graduation. The advisor will assist the student in designing a course of study that will best serve the student’s ministry goals.

Students are required to complete the degree in five years. Extensions must be approved by the faculty. A minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 is required to graduate.

Students may transfer up to 33 hours of course work taken at another ATS-accredited theological institution; however, a minimum of 33 hours must be completed on Northern’s Lombard campus. Online courses and courses taken at one of Northern’s satellite locations do not count toward the required number of courses to be taken on the Lombard campus. The Registrar will officially determine the number of hours of transfer credit when the student has been admitted to the seminary and has provided official transcripts of all work for which he or she is requesting transfer credit.

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Summary of MACM Degree Requirements

Core Courses (12 courses/36 hours)

  • IN 301 Exploring the Bible (3 hours)
  • OT 301 The Pentateuch (3 hours)
  • OT 302 The Former Prophets (3 hours)
  • OT 458 Old Testament Theology (3 hours)
  • NT 301 Jesus and the Gospels (3 hours)
  • NT 302 Paul’s Letters and Acts (3 hours)
  • NT 303 Letters to the Early Churches (3 hours)
  • CH 301 Early/Medieval Christianity (3 hours)
  • CH 302 Reformation/Modern Christianity (3 hours)
  • TH 301 Christian Theology I (3 hours)
  • TH 302 Christian Theology II (3 hours)
  • TH 303 Theology of Church and Culture (3 hours)

Christian Ministry (6 courses/18 hours*)

  • If a student chooses to complete a specific emphasis, 5 courses should be taken in that emphasis.

Supervised Ministry (4 courses/12 hours)

  • SM 301 Formation for Christian Ministry 3** (3 hours)
  • SM 401 Internship I (3 hours)
  • SM 402 Internship II (3 hours)
  • SM 501 Integrative Seminar (3 hours)

Total Hours Required: 66 credit hours

* Students will meet with their Enrollment Advisor to customize series of ministry courses
** Required during the first quarter of study

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