Master of Arts In Old Testament

A unique new program from Northern Seminary in partnership with Jerusalem University College in Israel

Program Description

The Master of Arts (Old Testament) is a 54-quarter credit hour (36 semester credits) program that provides teaching pastors and those interested in pursuing further Old Testament scholarship grounded in the theology that emerges from studying Hebrew, the Old Testament, and the first century context of the New Testament writings.

The MAOT is offered in partnership with Jerusalem University College (JUC) and students MUST attend both institutions to receive the MAOT from Northern seminary. The program provides pastors, church leaders, Bible teachers, and future doctoral students experiential and academic knowledge of the Bible in its context by combining JUC’s unique living and learning “in the land” of Israel with Northern’s flexible distance courses.

Students will gain an understanding of the historical, cultural, religious, and social contexts of the Old Testament. This is gained through first-had exposure to the geographical and historical issues that underlie the ancient histories of the lands of the Bible. Students will participate in archaeological surveys and material culture of the ancient biblical world. Students will also develop a beginning to intermediate knowledge of biblical Hebrew to enhance study and appreciation of the original text of the Old Testament.

Degree Requirements

Students who apply to the Northern MAOT program must also complete an application to JUC’s Biblical History and Geography (BHG) program. Students are responsible to pay application fees to both institutions.

Students will spend from three weeks to one year studying in Israel at JUC. Students who complete JUC’s one-year in-residence program will also be awarded a 1-year graduate certificate in BHG if at least 24 semester hours at JUC have been completed.

Students who apply first to the Northern MAOT program may apply for a scholarship from JUC such that it is for the first year of in-residence study necessary for the degree. First-year Northern graduate students working on the MAOT through study at JUC will be responsible to pay all tuition, room & board, and field study costs as posted on JUC’s website.

JUC graduate students who decide to enroll in the MAOT at Northern will not be able to live in-residence at JUC unless they are simultaneously enrolled in JUC in residence courses at the same time. Regarding in-residence housing at JUC, they will give preference to currently enrolled full-time JUC students and/or first year Northern students working on the MAOT.

As it concerns maintaining a student visa to study in Israel, JUC does not guarantee ability to obtain a student visa for part-time students studying at JUC.

If a student decides to take both online Northern courses toward the MAOT as well as JUC graduate courses at the same time, they will be responsible to pay all JUC tuition, room & board, and field study costs as posted on JUC’s website, as well as all Northern tuition and fees as posted on Northern’s website for the respective courses they take.


JUC graduate students applying to, or transferring into, the MAOT at Northern, will be responsible to pay all tuition and other costs as posted on Northern’s website.

Does the program allow distance or just on campus?

Requires three weeks to one year residency in Israel, at the Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem.

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