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Northern’s Doctorate in Contextual Theology:
Applications are Open for 2022 Cohort

The cultures of the West have shifted in North America. It is longer a monolithic Christian culture. In the last sixty years, in many of its most populated areas, North America has become a post-Christendom culture, a society of multiple cultures (Canada and U.S. differing as to how this is managed as a society) with various antagonisms, histories and languages driving its meanings and organizing its way of life. In order to lead a church into mission, it must engage its context no longer assuming that its habits of church, its language of Christianity, and its postures for engagement from 60 years ago still apply. Instead we must be able to read our contexts, think through the gospel contextually, and organize church differently for the mission of God in Christ. This is the work of contextual theology. The DMin Contextual Theology program aims to train Christian leaders to lead their congregations into engaging their local contexts for the gospel of Jesus Christ.



The Degree

The Degree program is composed of seven seminars. It brings pastors from around N. America (and indeed from around the world) to spend four years together on a journey through these seven seminars. Each student writes a Thesis at the end and goes through a capstone Oral Exam. Read THIS to get a sense of the program. Check out the seven courses here.



David Fitch teaches three of the seven seminars. He acts as director  of the program and in some ways Doktorvator to the students- overseeing and guiding each student’s work. In addition, the Contextual Theology program brings together a diverse faculty of premier experience and expertise in their respective fields. Many of those who have taught in our program regularly are listed below. Although we cannot guarantee who of the following will be teaching in this cohort, we promise a premier diverse faculty to lead you through the learnings of Conetxtual Theology and practice.

Check out some of our past and present faculty:




Every student will have a supervisor to oversee his or her thesis writing. The program has employed many scholars of world wide reputation. Click here for a list of past supervisors.


The program costs a total of $19,900 (DMin) paid out over 4 years. Northern Seminary works out a payment plan that can fit into many people’s budgets. Northern Seminary encourages pastors, leaders, ministers, to advocate for funding from sources like their local churches, denominational offices, benefactors for this worthy task of preparing leadership for the future.

Apply Now

Click this link to apply. Fill out forms and supply an essay. Then allow three weeks for processing. At which time you’ll have an interview with David Fitch. We look forward to welcoming you to our program.



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