Doctorate in Contextual Theology


Forming pastors to lead churches into Mission

Led by Dr. David Fitch, author of The Great Giveaway, The End of Evangelicalism?, and Faithful Presence, and joined by leading Missional church thinkers and practitioners, including Dr. Bob Price, Dr. Alan Roxburgh, and Dr. Scot McKnight, the DMin in Contextual Theology provides a theological, practical, and academic framework for pastors and congregational leaders to think critically, creatively, and faithfully about ministry in their context.  At the end of the program, students will have a renewed spirit and passion for the Church’s mission and vision. The cohort is limited to fifteen highly motivated students.  The cost of the DMin in Contextual Theology is $19,900.  

Northern has worked creatively to provide this quality program at a low price and to enable students to pay for the program on a monthly basis throughout the duration of the program.

We have a world class list of Doctoral thesis supervisors from around the United States and Canada. If you’d like the list, e-mail Director David Fitch.


Contextual Theology is offered as a specialization of both the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and the Doctor of Theological Ministry (DTM). Unlike the DMin, the DTM degree is open to students with a Master of Arts degree.

Program Requirements 

See course descriptions for the DMin in Contextual Theology.


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