A New Kind of Preacher

Isaiah 43:19: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”

At Northern, we work hard to place ourselves in the movements of God already at work in the world. When approached by the Lilly Foundation to join their Strengthening the Quality of Preaching Initiative, we sensed this opportunity could prove transformational for both preachers and ministry communicators outside the pulpit. Originally designed by Dr. Michael Quicke, this initiative has provided coaching, spiritual formation and encouragement to hundreds of of preachers since its inception.

The NKP program offers an opportunity to discover the renewal that God is bringing to preaching. In the past decade alone, the mediums and formats by which we receive our communication have dramatically shifted. How has the art of preaching changed in recent years? How do we communicate the timeless truths of Scripture in our modern contexts? And most important, what transformation is necessary in the soul of the preacher to maintain a sacred voice and presence for the long journey of ministry?


There are two ways you can be involved with becoming A New Kind of Preacher:


Annual Preaching Forum

The NKP preaching forum is held every fall as a time of reflection, learning, connection, and renewal. Any ministry leader (senior pastors, associates, youth leaders, worship leaders, etc.) and students are welcome to join us for worship, teaching, and conversation around the art of preaching in our modern era.

For more information about past topics, forum schedule, and registration, visit the Forum Page here.



Peer Learning Groups

Many pastors feel isolated and unsupported once they graduate from seminary. It is often difficult to find others who understand ministry and share the same struggles and passions. For those who desire a safe space of learning and connection, we offer Peer Learning Group (PLGs). In a PLG, members will experience a peer group with whom to process their experiences in preaching and leadership. Benefits of being in a PLG include:

  • Coaching from trained facilitators.
  • Accountability, support, and connection with fellow preachers.
  • Opportunities to apply new learning in your context.
  • Continuing education units.


Tracey Bianchi, NKP  InterimDirector








Tracey Bianchi is a writer, speaker and pastor who makes her home in the Chicago area. She served as the worship and teaching pastor in her local church for over fifteen years where she also led the worship and creative teams on a weekly basis. In 2008, Tracey and a team of friends launched a little worship service in the basement of their church. They had good coffee and enough people to stack chairs, pray and learn how to sing together. Ten years later that little worship expression became a major movement in their church with over 1500 people engaged in weekly worship and life-change. Tracey is the author of four books and speaks at conferences and events on the topics of women leaders.

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Northern also offers two types of DMin programs with specialized emphases available in each. In the Cohort program, there are emphases in New Testament ContextChristian Community DevelopmentContextual TheologyTransformative Discipleship, and Preaching.



Video from 2016 Preaching Forum

First session: Paul Allen

Other Footage from the Preaching Forum 2016:

Keynote Session, Lauren Visser
Third Session, Greg Armstrong & Lauren Visser


Videos from 2017 Preaching Forum

First session: Derick Wakefield



Second session: Timothy Swan



Third session: Tara Beth Leach



Fourth session: Dennis Edwards

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