Are you seeking a sound theological framework for your education? Can’t get enough of the great theologians of the Church? Looking to dissect the thinking of the likes of Augustine, Bonhoeffer, Luther, and Teresa of Avila?

Then you may want to consider pursuing a Theology emphasis at Northern Seminary.

Northern has developed a variety of specialized courses designed to fit the specific interests and needs of students who are ready to be challenged to think critically about and respond appropriately to the Church’s rich theological heritage. Combined with a comprehensive academic degree program that provides a solid foundation in the study of Scripture, church history, theology, and ethics, the Theology emphasis challenges students to explore in-depth the development, historical framework, and practical application of Christian theology.

Is this program for me?

The Theology emphasis is for:

  • Anyone interested in deepening his or her knowledge of theology, its varying frameworks, and the historical contributions of theologians across the centuries;
  • Individuals who want to be equipped for ministry leadership that is well-grounded in and framed by focused theological study;
  • Pastors or church leaders who want to gain specialized skill for ministry with a focus on or interest in theology.

The Theology emphasis can be acquired by completing a combination of any five Theology electives as part of any of the following programs: Master of Divinity, and a Master’s Specialization.

Examples of Theology electives include: Christian Theology I and II, Contemporary Theology, Contemporary Perspectives in Black Theology, The Cultural Captivity of the Church, and Theological Identity in Baptist Life.


For more information or to get started:

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