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Lead the Church, Engage the World Through Contextual Theology 

The Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission, featuring Professor David Fitch, equips you for local and sustainable mission by offering a strong biblical and theological base for engaging in God’s mission and for leading a community on mission. This specialization is available both as a Master of Arts and Master of Divinity Degree. The program is directed by Mike Moore.  

This program features rotation of visiting professors such as Dr. Stanley Hauerwas (2018), Dr. Reggie Williams (2019), Dr. Kyuboem Lee (2021), and Dr. Drew Hart (2022).

Innovative Program

Leading a church in mission is difficult, requiring more effort than the maintenance of activities. Beyond the skills of preaching, teaching, counseling, and evangelism, pastors need the skills of theological reflection, cultural analysis, and building local community.

This program includes all the courses in Bible, Church History, and Theology that you need, but goes further. You will develop theological, missiological, and leadership skills to be a missionary pastor in the North American mission field.

Why It’s Unique: 

Local: Be part of a growing community of theologian-practitioners by remaining in your local ministry context while pursuing this degree through attendance in-person or interactive live-stream (Northern Live).

Faculty: First class faculty including David Fitch, Beth Felker-Jones, members of our New Testament faculty – Nijay Gupta and Lynn Cohick.

Brady Theology and Mission Lectureship: Once a year we will have a world-class missional thinker give open lectures on theology and mission that will double as a class. Past lecturers have included Stanley Hauerwas, Reggie Williams, Fleming Rutledge, Michael Gorman and Willie Jennings.

Delivery: On Campus or Distance

The program is available on campus or via interactive live-streaming (Northern Live). Smart classroom technology enables you to interact with our premier faculty and engage in Northern’s vibrant classroom experience without leaving your faith community.

Additionally, there are four on-campus intensives (two pre-fall, two post-spring). Students are automatically enrolled in the intensive courses as they proceed through the program. However, each student can choose when to take these intensives as it fits with their schedule. See the course list below for more details. The syllabi for these intensives are posted at least two months prior to the course and will require some rudimentary pre-class reading. See short-term housing options near campus.

Requirements for Completion

The Master of Arts Theology and Mission program requires 54 credit hours.
The MA program has two options to complete the program:

  1. Complete the program in four years by taking one class at a time on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.
  2. Complete the program in two years by taking two classes each quarter on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday.


MATM Courses Include

* Indicates on-campus, intensive courses

Specialization Courses:

  • Mission-Shaped Church – MN 433
  • Cultural Exegesis- CT 333
  • Christianity and Pluralism – TH 406
  • Sexual Ethics and the Family – TE 417
  • Theology of Church and Culture – TH 303
  • Topics in Missional Theology 1 + 2 *(visiting professors: June annual)
  • Discerning the Triune God – TH 431
  • Duties to Biblical Interpretation – IN 304

Christian Heritage Core Courses

  • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation – IN 304
  • Pentateuch, Poetry and Wisdom Books – OT 307
  • Historical Books and the Prophets – OT 308
  • Women in the OT – WT 307
  • Gospels and Acts – NT 307
  • New Testament Letters and Revelation – NT 308
  • Women in the NT – WT 308
  • Christian Theology I – TH 301
  • Christian Theology II – TH 302
  • Theology and Gender – WS 309
  • History of Christianity I (Early & Medieval) – CH 301
  • History of Christianity II (Ref. & Modern) – CH 302
  • Women in the Early Church – WT 311
  • Women of Color in the Church – WT 310
  • Introduction to the Black Church – CT 324

Click here for an updated Progress Report.

Master of Divinity students will complete these MATM specialization courses as well as the other Master of Divinity requirements.

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