Masters in Worship

During the last few decades the Worship Leader has become an essential position within the ministry teams of local congregations.

The Masters in Worship seeks to develop deeper and wider worship leaders who as growing disciples of Jesus Christ. This program includes courses in Bible, Theology, and Church History to strengthen worship practices.

Classroom instruction will take place on our main campus and via Northern Live Streaming Technology. Our program also hosts a yearly (one week) intensive where we dive deeper into the practices of worship leading and theology.

MA Course Layout

*Master of Divinity students will complete these Worship specialization courses as well as the other Master of Divinity requirements.

Christian Heritage Core Courses

  • IN 304 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
  • OT 307 Pentateuch, Poetry and Wisdom Books
  • OT 308 Historical Books and the Prophets
  • WT 307 Women in the OT
  • NT 307 Gospels and Acts
  • NT 308 New Testament Letters and Revelation
  • WT 308 Women in the NT
  • TH 301 Christian Theology I
  • TH 302 Christian Theology II
  • WS 309 Theology and Gender
  • CH 301 History of Christianity I (Early & Medieval)
  • CH 302 History of Christianity II (Ref. & Modern)
  • WT 311 Women in the Early Church
  • WT 310 Women of Color in the Church
  • CT 324 Introduction to the Black Church

Worship & Supervised Ministry Courses

  • WO 301 Call to Worship
  • WO 405 Work of Worship
  • WO 412 Everything but Sermon and Song
  • WO 440 Sending in Worship
  • WO 444 The Influence of a Worship Pastor
  • SM 305 or 306 or 307 Formation for Ministry or Pastoral Leadership
  • WO 500 Annual Worship Conference

Final Project –  Choose Internship or Project

  • WO 401 Internship 1
  • WO 402 Internship II
  • WO 502 Designing and Leading Worship Project



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