“I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people I will praise you.”  (Psalm 35:18, NIV)

Your heart beats to worship the Lord. Like the mighty men and women of God in Scripture and throughout the generations, you are passionate about praising the Most High God—King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Not merely a musician—you are called and gifted to lead worshippers. You envision a ministry where people can gather together in adoration at the throne of God, worshipping with shouts of thanksgiving and outbursts of praise.

If you are called to lead worship or are interested in receiving a solid theological foundation for worship, then you may want to consider pursuing the Worship emphasis at Northern Seminary.

Northern has developed specialized courses designed to fit the specific interests and needs of students who are focused on worship ministry leadership. Combined with a comprehensive academic degree program that provides a solid foundation in the study of Scripture, church history, theology and ethics, specialized Worship courses challenge the student to engage in and reflect on issues ranging from worship in the early church to leading and designing worship in a contemporary context. Northern Seminary provides students with unique ways to learn how to share Christ in context. Through a variety of experiential learning or “field research” opportunities —which could include anything from gathering with other students at a weekend retreat to leading a worship service —students receive practical, first-hand training that will equip them for contextually-relevant ministry leadership.

Is this program for me?

The Worship emphasis is for: anyone interested in deepening his or her knowledge of worship design and leadership, history and theology, individuals who want to be equipped for leading worship in various contexts, and pastors or church leaders who want to gain specialized skill for ministry focused on worship leadership.

The Worship emphasis can be acquired by completing a combination of any five Worship electives as part of any of the following programs: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master’s Specialization, and Graduate Certificate.

Examples of Worship Electives include: Theology of Worship & Spirituality, Leading and Designing Worship, Worship in the Early Church, Current Practice of Worship & Spirituality, and History of Worship & Spirituality.

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