Getting to Know: Alice McQuitty

March 20, 2023

What are you studying at Northern Seminary, and when do you anticipate graduating?

I am pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in New Testament Context, and I anticipate graduating in May 2025.

With so many seminary options today, why did you choose Northern for your studies?

I chose Northern for several reasons, but mainly to study under Scot McKnight and Lynn Cohick. I didn’t know we would also be able to study with Nijay Gupta, so that was the icing on the cake. Also, I needed a cohort-style program, and Northern’s is very reasonably priced compared to others.

Who have been your favorite professors, and why?

I’ve had only Scot McKnight and Nijay Gupta so far, and I deeply appreciate them both. I appreciate Scot for his depth and breadth of knowledge and scholarship, and because he stays up on everything coming down the theological pike. He is still learning, still writing, and still fully engaged with his students. I also appreciate Nijay for his scholarship and wisdom, and because of the attention he pays to our souls as well as our minds.

Which course has been your favorite, and why?

My favorite course was my first one, The New Testament in Its World I, mainly because it focused on Jesus and Judaism, and covered a variety of other topics from atonement to eschatology to homosexuality and gender issues.

What sets Northern apart from other seminaries or masters/doctoral level programs?

The quality of the faculty and a newly developed, highly accessible, online library.

What is your favorite aspect of being at/studying at Northern?

My cohort meets only a couple times each year, but I truly enjoy the interaction with Scot and my classmates during those times!

What is one very specific thing you’ve learned thus far at Northern?

On the first day of class, in a discussion about how our theology is often steeped in our own cultural experiences, Scot McKnight said, “Be vigilant about what the Bible says and consider context more than anything. Don’t impose your world on the text. Learn to listen to Jesus as a Jew in Galilee.”

What do you do outside of your studies at Northern?

I serve in a volunteer capacity at my church—Irving Bible Church—as the curriculum coordinator for our women’s ministry. I also write Bible studies and teach alongside a team of women at the church. I enjoy spending time with my semi-retired pastor-husband, our five grown children, and our four grandchildren. I also love to travel and have recently joined the pickleball craze.

What is one fun fact about you that many people might be surprised to learn?

I’ve traveled to Russia, China, India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the British Isles—but I’ve never been to Disney World!

Alice McQuitty grew up in Paris, TX, and married her high school sweetheart, Andy, in 1978. She and Andy have now served together in ministry for 45 years. Alice was an ICU nurse in the early years and then became a homeschooling mom. She has always had a passion to study and teach God’s Word and to that end obtained her ThM from Dallas Seminary in 2017.