Getting to Know: Jackie Roese

March 20, 2023

What are you studying at Northern Seminary, and when do you anticipate graduating?

I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Women and Theology (MAWT), and I will be graduating in May 2023.

With so many seminary options today, why did you choose Northern for your studies?

When the MAWT popped up on my social media, it piqued my interest. I have two degrees from conservative evangelical seminaries, but never have I been taught by female professors. I had longed to be in a classroom with other female students, studying women in Christianity under female professors.

Who have been your favorite professors, and why?

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite professor—I have enjoyed learning from each of them.

Which course has been your favorite, and why?

Women in the Early Church, taught by Dr. Cohick. It was my first exposure to many women whose leadership shaped early Christianity. How did 30 years go by without hearing about Thecla, Macrina, or Melania the Elder?

What sets Northern apart from other seminaries or masters/doctoral level programs?

In my experience, at Northern there isn’t a boy’s club. Women are allowed—and, in fact, expected—to bring their whole selves to the table. It is so refreshing to be at a place where there are no limitations on what women can do in ministry.

What is your favorite aspect of being at/studying at Northern?

I would say the week-long intensives. They provide a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with other students. The relationships developed during these special weeks will continue beyond my time at Northern.

What is one very specific thing you’ve learned thus far at Northern?

We have a long legacy of women leaders who have shaped the Church’s theology and practice. In Dr. Faro’s class, I learned to slow down and examine the women’s lives in Exodus 1-4. God’s template for deliverance is seen in their lives before it’s seen in Moses’ life.

What do you do outside of your studies at Northern?

I run a nonprofit called The Marcella Project. My husband and I travel extensively. I love to work out, hike, read, and play pickleball. I love eating with friends and family, having curated conversations, and meeting potential new friends.

What is one fun fact about you that many people might be surprised to learn?

I’ll give you more than one: I lived in a van. I slept in a cave in Jordan. I’ve planted several million flowers. And I was the first female preacher at my church!

Rev. Dr. Jackie Roese is the founder and president of The Marcella Project, a ministry committed to ennobling women through Scripture-focused teaching, training, and dialogue. For over 15 years, Jackie has trained women to preach through her “She Can Teach” course. She has written more than 30 Bible studies and authored 3 books. She holds a masters degree in Christian Education as well as a DMin in Preaching. Jackie has been married to Steve for 35 years and is the mother of 3 grown children.